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Finding a Home

This is an exciting time for any buyer to find their ideal property in this market where there are many homes to choose from and the interest rates are at record lows! Whether you are looking for a single detached home, a spacious twin or row home, a modern townhouse in a new development, a commercial venture or a multi-family investment there are plenty of outstanding buying opportunities available!

Despite the great selections of homes in the greater Lehigh Valley, some buyers have a difficult time zeroing in on the home or property that is uniquely appropriate for their needs. A Realtor professional can help!

Your REALTOR should be able to weigh the investment potential of each property and guide you through the process of finding the right home at the right price.

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Home Buying Process

As you begin to think about buying a home, you’re naturally going to have a lot of questions about how you go about starting what will likely be the greatest investment you ever make; this is where your real estate professional comes in.

With the help of your REALTOR, you should first contact a local, reputable mortgage lender to obtain a Pre-Approval to ensure your loan will be on track to close. After finding your home, your trained agent will be there every step of the way, helping you through the inspection and appraisal processes. Then continue constant contact with you, the lender, the seller and the title company to complete settlement smoothly.

That may have sounded easy, but the road to purchasing a home does have bumps in it, your REALTOR should be there to help you get over the bumps and around the potholes.

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We are a Full Service Company – Whether you choose to buy a home, pursue new construction, rent an apartment or look for a commercial property, Harvey Z. Raad Realtors is a full-time, full-service agency that is there for you!

Customer Service – We are here for you at times of your convenience! Whether it’s searching for your property, setting up inspections or meetings, or just to talk or answer questions….. We respond to your needs, make things as easy as possible and assist you at every turn!

Knowledge – Our experiences since 1962 in all facets real estate will be there for you to rely on! We specialize in residential sales, new construction, multi-family investments, rentals and commercial sales.

Trust – The most important decisions in life require trust! Harvey Z. Raad Realtors will earn that trust and will guide you down the right path so that we become your REALTOR for life!

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